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How A Corporation Protects Your Assets

Programs for IC’s and Companies Using IC’s

Commercial Auto, General Liability, Cargo and Hand-held Computer Insurance

  • Protect yourself, your business and ‘mission critical’ equipment from loss
  • No down-payment required to secure coverage – don’t delay, start today
  • Pay on weekly settlement – this makes it easy and convenient for you

Life Insurance

  • $50,000 or $100,000 coverage is available
  • limited underwriting makes it easier and faster to get the coverage you want

Roadside Assistance

  • Pays $250 to have your disabled truck towed-in for repairs

Vehicle Service Contracts

  • Pays to repair mechanical breakdown/s that happen to your truck

Workers Compensation

  • Pays benefits to your employees who are injured on-the-job

Incorporation Services

  • Create a legal business entity that may be required to work with your company

Disability Insurance

Payroll and Accounting Services

  • Manage payroll paperwork and access tax-preparation services
  • Keep the I.R.S. off your back and out of your business

Health Insurance

Consulting for Companies using Independent Contractors

  • Get guidance to navigate the various options, limitations, and exclusions of
  • available policies so you make informed, sound decisions for your business
  • Know your risks and use our team to have them covered, fully and properly