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Distributor FAQ’s

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. These are frequently asked questions about our Independent Distributor Insurance Program. If you have made individual changes to your coverage, these answers may not apply.   If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us or call us at 866-621-1770.

Where do I report claims?

Please report claims to DSD Insurance by calling 866-621-1770 or by using our Policy Service Center.  If you call outside our business hours, the answering system will direct you to the claims office of your insurance carrier. Our staff is available to assist you with the claims process.  Please let us help you get the service you expect!

How can I get replacement ID cards?

Please contact our office and we will have them mailed to you.  You can also use our ID Card Request Form. We can fax or email a temporary card if necessary.

How many insurance policies do I have?

You will receive two packages from Allstate and Hanover now.  Your commercial auto policy (with ID Cards) and your Business Package Policy (General Liability/ Cargo).  Please review this information for accuracy and keep in a safe place.  If you have question or corrections, please contact our office.

The personal information on my policy is incorrect, what do I do?

Contact DSD Insurance with any changes or corrections.

Who can drive my vehicle?

Commercial auto insurance “follows the vehicle”.  If the individual operating your vehicle has a valid driver’s license and your permission, they are covered under your insurance policy and your coverage will be primary in any accident they may have.  If you have an individual who will operate your vehicle on a regular basis, please contact us so we can add them as a scheduled driver on your policy.

How does my rental reimbursement work?

The standard distributor Insurance package with Allstate commercial auto coverage provides up to $80 per day for 45 days for a rental vehicle you must use as a result of a covered collision or comprehensive loss. However, if you would like to increase your rental coverage limits to $125 per day for 50 days, please call our office and we can take care of this for you! It does not provide coverage for the use of a rental vehicle that is needed for any reason other than a covered loss to a vehicle scheduled on your policy (example: mechanical breakdown).  Check your coverage for policy limits.

Does my commercial auto coverage extend to a rental vehicle?

Standard distributor insurance package includes hired auto coverage and hired auto physical damage. This coverage extends liability, collision and comprehensive coverage to any vehicle you may rent or borrow. Unless you have chosen to exclude this coverage, coverage would be provided for any vehicle you rent to use in your business either as a replacement for a scheduled vehicle or as an additional vehicle.

How does settlement deduction premium payment work?

DSD Insurance and the company you are contracted with allow you to pay your Commercial Auto and Business Package policy via a deduction from your weekly settlement.  This allows you to get the coverage you need with no down payment and payment of the annual premium over a 52 week period.  DSD Insurance gets your permission to instruct your contacting company what to deduct each week.  This money is sent to us once a month and we apply it to your coverage with Allstate.  Our accounting department would be glad to answer questions you may have about your specific account.

Why is my commercial auto rate different from another distributor?

Auto rates vary based on many factors.  These include:

  • Age
  • Driving Record
  • Garaging Location
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Size
  • Vehicle Value
  • State Requirements/Taxes

Insurance is closely regulated by each state.  Rates and available discounts must be approved by the State Insurance commissioner’s office.

Does my Rental Reimbursement coverage provide a benefit if my truck breaks down?

No! Rental reimbursement only provides reimbursement for a rental vehicle needed as the result of a covered loss under your collision or comprehensive coverage.

Who is covered when operating my truck?

Auto insurance coverage, including commercial, follows the vehicle.  Any licensed driver operating your vehicle, with your permission is a covered operator. If they are involved in an accident, you and/or your insurance will be responsible.

Can I add a vehicle to my commercial auto policy?

Yes. If you use the vehicle in your business, we encourage you to add the vehicle so you can have the same protections you enjoy when using your primary business vehicle or truck.  If you are a sole proprietor, you may add a truck or SUV to your policy.  If you are incorporated, you may add a truck, SUV or personal passenger vehicle.

I don’t understand some of the terms in my policy. How can I find out what they mean?

Please contact us so we can assist!