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Annual Report Filing Services

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the active status of your company with the state. Most states will have a requirement to file an annual (or biennial) report. Preparing the forms and understanding the requirements to file an annual report can be time-consuming and complex. Each state has different requirements and due dates. Notification and reminders may not always be sent. If you do not file your Annual Report it is likely your business will be suspended or dissolved. This can be a costly mistake to fix. You may also be considered in breach of contract for your route. The good news is that it can be reinstated with an immediate filing of the report. However, it is also likely that additional penalties or paperwork will be required.

If you need assistance with filing a past due report we can handle your annual reports for $75.00 + the respective state cost. We also offer a service to file your annual reports on your behalf each year and avoid the risk of having your company fall inactive with the state. You can cancel this service at any time for no cost. If you choose to enroll, you must remit payment in advance. We don’t front any fees to file the Annual Report. When your report is due, we will send you an invoice and once paid we will file the report on your behalf.

If you also need assistance with reinstating your business for failure to file your annual reports we can assist with that. The fees will depend on what will need to be filed, but the cost starts at $150 + the respective state cost.

To enroll or for more information, please contact Heather Gibson at 678-233-2325 or via email at