About Us

Alabama Insurance AgencyDSD Insurance is an Acrisure Agency Partner. DSD Insurance specializes in helping independent distributors doing routed product delivery with their business insurance needs. We insure over 4600 independent operators in 41 states. The initials DSD stand for Direct Store Delivery, which describes the primary market focus of our insurance products and services. We are proud to provide Insurance markets that address the needs of our Commercial customers who are primarily in the business of routed product delivery and courier services.

We also help primarily busy families and small business owners improve their auto, property, business, and life insurance programs. We do this by using our expertise and risk management process to sell your risk to the best top-rated company in a way that saves you time and dimes! We partner with companies like Allstate, Travelers, Safeco, CNA, Hartford, and Progressive for that purpose. We have a staff of 11 insurance professionals located in Moody and Pelham Alabama.

All our agents and staff have extensive knowledge in the unique insurance needs of your industry. We understand your business and respect the time demand that is required in your work day. We strive to provide multiple communication options that allow you to request the services you need on your own timeframe. Please use the resources available on this website or the options given you by calling 866-621-1770 to stay in touch with our agency.

Over the years, our staff has seen and experienced what customers like you need to protect your family and business, and we have used this to design our various Insurance programs. Insurance coverage is written with some of the best carriers in the Insurance industry and structured to not only comply with your contract or franchise requirements, but also to go beyond and address some of the little things that make your business situation unique.

This is all done with extremely competitive pricing that will differ by each individual and territory. Our Premium payment options that include settlement deduction and other no down payment options set us apart from the rest. The relationships we have built with both the Insurance companies we represent and the companies that our customers have contractional relationships with is truly unique.

No one in our industry does a better job balancing these important relationships than DSD Insurance. Simply put, you are in good hands!